BJD 1/4 doll baby girl Tatiana doll free eyes/eyelash

BJD 1/4 doll baby girl Tatiana doll free eyes/eyelash

Features: Cheap eyelash replacement, Buy Quality doll buyer directly from China doll store Suppliers: Baby Show Baby Description  

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Product Description


Baby Description


Doll Size

Height: 43cm Weight 650g
Head circumference: 18cm Neck: 7.3cm
Bust: 21cm 19.5cm in large
Shoulder: 9.3cm Arm length: 13.2cm
Arm circumference: 9cm Wrist circumference: 4cm
Waist: 15cm pelvis circumference: 22cm
Thigh: 12cm leg length: 26cm
Leg wrist circumference: 5.6cm Foot length: 5.3cm

Package Detail:

This item include: Doll body, head, Eyes (random color), eyelash and 1 wiper. No other accessories in the picture.

Makeup is optional: Makeup is only face up, not include body up. We apply same makeup as real doll photos, or up to 80% similar effect as promotion picture. But there still could be a slight difference between individual dolls.


Please must read this note

1. Doll is ball jointed doll. Please learn more about BJD doll before placing order.

2. Our dolls are all in-stock. Dolls need about 10 business days to prepare.

3. High quality resin is applied to doll. But it could turn yellow if exposed in sunlight for a long time. Keep the doll on dry conditions and always put on a wig and outfit to prevent yellowing or greening.

4. Assembled dolls are sent.

5. Eyes: eyes color is provided randomly.

6. Thigh type is general type.

7. Heel feet part: Maybe two sets of feet part (flat and extra heel) are provided for 1/3 female dolls and some 1/4 female dolls.

8. There will be a leg/arm parting line made during manufacturing process. We don\’t remove parting lines of Neutral Tan /Tan/Brown skin color doll. Because there will be a color difference if we remove parting line. Be aware of the parting lines before ordering. This situation does not exist on V White/Neutral Normal skin color doll so we remove their parting line.

9. Doll\’s photos: There could be a color difference due to difference in monitor color. We will not send you doll\’s photos before shipment if there are real doll photos in the store, and we guarantee it is consistent with real photos. If we have not real doll\’s makeup photos and you want to confirm makeup, please mark it in order comments and we will send you doll\’s photos before shipment. We can change makeup if you are not satisfied on makeup.

10. No original accessories, but you can buy similar style accessories (hair, clothes, shoes) in the corresponding classification in our store. Or to buy combos we have set.

11. Package box: Foam plastic carton. Silk blanket is for some 1/4 and 1/6 dolls.

12. Color difference is inevitable. Please to prevail in kind. Thank you!

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